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Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, commissioner maufas, and the following members of the committee are en route. supervisor olague and commissioner mendoza. we have also been joined by supervisor mar. the sfgtv staff covering the meeting, we want to thank them for their work. we also want to thank all of the members of sfusd and the members of the county who are here. if you could please call item no. 1. >> a hearing on the universal -- on the school district plans for a transitional kindergarten. supervisor campos: thank you. this was an item that was continued from our last meeting to writ -- from our last meeting. i would like mr. trout to come and present this item. let me present some context. a lot of it has to do with the role of the select committee and dealing with these issues. we can coordinate and talk about, have a discussion about different issues that are impacting the city and the school district. a number of questions have been raised and the goal of this meeting is to provide information to members of the public. some issues have been raised in terms of whether or not certain actions should be taken
Oct 1, 2012 1:00am PDT
the board? commissioner maufas. >> thank you president yee and thank you all for the pretty jam packed full of information presentation. what i would like to ask is knowing that we have come this far and we have been working quite intensely over the last few years -- particularly since i have been on the board and really knowing the work that i of focused on, i would like to know how are we -- you know, how are teachers bringing this work about? and administrators in school sites? and this is a really ongoing question because this is an ongoing presentation where you update us. i would like not only to hear from you now but in the future this sort of discussion point incorporated into the presentation because they're integral to the process, and what are the changes that they of able to implement? because a lot of this -- a lot of our issues from my perspective comes from an institutionalized way of delivering education and it's so long engrinned in ssz that the achievement gap is from way back before my time in school, so how are we able to sort of attack that, that mind set, t
Oct 19, 2012 12:30am PDT
commissioners fewer and maufas and mendoza. >> i will let fewer take over because she was engrossed and outspoken >> we saw a powerpoint on the student drop out rates for the class of 2014-2015. and it was some what astounding and disappointing and i think that it sort of made everybody's jaw drop. but, we have made... with the students who will try to graduate with the class of 2014. and so, we also heard about some african american student achievement strategies that we could be implementing but i think that the gist of this that this section of the report was analyzing the data and looking at the data and what are the causes for the data? what are we doing? what are we doing to intervene? and we heard about some of the student strategies that we have done and the summer school and some of the summer school studis that have been successful. but i think what we were really talking about is about african americans in san francisco in general. and we talked a lot about migration, about african american families here and we talked about the lack of achievement for african american student
Oct 3, 2012 9:30pm PDT
going through. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you commissioners maufas and fewer for being here and on the ground suggestions what can be done for the city to give more to the schools. president khiu and supervisor olague. >> and supervisor mar, i want to thank you for holding this hearing. i'm sorry i wasn't able to be present during the entire time because we're in the middle of our budget discussions right now for the city and county of san francisco. part of the reasons why i enjoy and want to sit on this committee is continue to educate myself on what often feels like an artificial divide on the school district and city and county of san francisco. i think for those of us on the city and county side to not think about revenue challenges those of us with the school district are facing and not think creatively about how we can support our schools i think does a disservice to our city as a hole. i very much appreciate the discussion both of our colleagues from the school district as well as from stakeholders in making sure we have a world class education system. i for one am certa
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. without ever achieve. the maufas -- vast majority of pharmacies are playing by the rules. as it stands now, -- there is some question as to a to this camp -- th more than half of the 56,000 pharmacies are compounding. >> the orioles have tied it 1-1. the energy is unbelievable. pete gilbert is in new york were the team has arrived. he has this report. >> they had some trouble troubles but it is a minor bump on the road after earning the split. they can win two out of three games. it is attainable. it is something they have done three times this year. they took two of them and that is why all the they did not want to admit it, came to is a must win. >> we do a good job of not letting that affect the way we play and it does not make us hasn't -- has a tent. -- hesitant. miguel gonzales got the best of coroda. >> some fans are scrambling to buy tickets to one of the next three games. what is that trip going to cost you? if you take a plane, tickets are $450. if that is steve you can go bucks. bus, 40 bah train is $125.10 way. if you spend the night, be prepared to spend 84 to $995. ticket
Oct 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
students to succeed. >> okay thank you. any comments? questions? commissioner maufas. >> thank you very much for presenting today. i just wanted to say i know that the parent advisory council has been instrumental in helping with the restorative practices and moving it forward throughout the san francisco unified school district community among parents. i am happy you made the family engagement plan a priority. i believe you will instrumental that we bring it to fruition and i am happy to see that you're on board with that and i look forward to interim reports in how we're doing and that is key in this process. thank you very much. >> commissioner murase. >> thank you for that report. could you remind us when you meet? >> yes. our meeting dates this year are wednesday's and i believe it's the second wednesday of the month coming up. i can clarify that and get back to you formally with the date. >> but you also meet here at 555 franklin. >> yes the third floor of this building. >> okay great. any other comments? seeing none. thank you very much. >> thank you again. >> item f, public
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
. good. roll call please. >> thank you commissioner. yee. >> wong. >> fewer. >> maufas. >> mendoza. >> dr. murase. >> ms. wynns. >> mr. yee. >> you can notify the three they're pointed. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> okay. let's move on. consent calendar resolutions removed at previous meeting for second reading and action. none toafnlt item o vote on consent calendar and section f::::am. mendoza -- k1 and k33. thank you. roll call. >> thank you. >> on the consent calendar. ms. -- (calling roll). >> [inaudible] as part of the consent calendar and secondly the lowell exterior painting and to the group and for advocating for that and thirdly i want to congratulate facilities in this consent calendar out of the $2 million in approvals 81% are minority or women owned businesses. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> that was aye commissioner? norton. wynns. mr. yee. seven aye's. >> thank you. item p consent calendar resolution for board and discussion and action. k1. commissioner mendoza. >> all right thank you. so i actually pulled both of these items. surprise. because they are retroa
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)